Best of Southern Utah 2019 Award

    Platinum Real Estate Professionals offers more for sellers & buyers

    20 May, 2019 By Best Of Southern Utah

    When it comes time to sell a home, there are dozens of discount websites offering their low fee, no-frills services.

    But one southern Utah real estate company is really impacting the real estate market by combining low commission fees with full service, and that means big savings for sellers and buyers.

    Platinum Real Estate Professionals PLLC, which opened their brand-new Brokerage office here in St. George, Utah in March of 2018, offers everything a traditional real estate company does, but its agents charge a 1 percent commission on the sale instead of the traditional 2 or 3 percent.

    That savings adds up.

    Platinum Real Estate Professionals PLLC clients are saving their clients anywhere in the neighborhood of $6,000 all the way up to $16,000. These are dollars their clients walk away with, rather then paying them in commissions.

    Mark Aguirre, Principal Broker and Owner, said that in 2018, his agents saved their clients almost $200,000 in commissions, and they paid out about $54,000 to buyers through their one percent cash back rebate program. Buyers get a cashiers’ check upon closing on their new home as a token of appreciation for allowing Platinum Real Estate Professionals PLLC to represent them in the purchase of their new home.

    “Those are numbers we’re extremely proud of,” Aguirre said. “Other brokerages may focus on different numbers, but for us it’s about how much we saved our clients and how much we gave our clients.”

    Beyond the low commissions and cash back upon closing, the main reason Aguirre believes his business is growing is the customer service he and his agents provide to their clients.

    “We’re known for our honest and trustworthy brokers and agents who get you the best results rather than focusing solely on their commission,” Aguirre said.

    That dedication is one of the reasons why the agency won the 2019 Best of Southern Utah award as well the Distinguished Service Award from the Salt Lake Board of Realtors.

    Platinum Real Estate Professionals PLLC also offers additional discounts for military veterans, law enforcement and firefighters who are looking to buy or sell a home. Platinum Real Estate Professionals PLLC will list these client’s homes for 0.5%.

    “We do this as a token of appreciation for their service to our country and our communities,” said Aguirre, who is a veteran himself.

    Those services are a lot different than the nationwide discount real estate companies that offer similar commissions. For example, low-commission websites often automate home tour scheduling, which means it’s rare for buyers to see the same agent twice.

    “Everyone can offer the same thing, but the one thing they can’t duplicate is the five-star reviews Platinum Real Estate Professionals PLLC has received,” Aguirre said.

    He thinks online reviews and referrals from people you trust are great tools for evaluating the quality of any company, including his own.

    “Don’t take my word for it,” Aguirre said. “Read about the experiences everyone else is having,”  Click Here